Lung Transplantation

Arne Neyrinck: December 2017

Lung Transplantation General

0 CME Credits 

  • Lung Transplantation E-Book (Dirk Van Raemdonck)
  • Thoracic organs: current preservation technology and future prospects; part 1: lung (Dirk Van Raemdonck)
  • Donor Lung Procurement and Preservation (Dirk Van Raemdonck)
  • Lung Donor Selection and Management (Dirk Van Raemdonck)
  • Immunosuppression in lung transplantation (Jenna L. Scheffert, Kashif Raza)
  • Non-Heart-Beating Donors (Dirk E.M. Van Raemdonck, Filip R. Rega, , Arne P. Neyrinck, Nicole Jannis, Geert M. Verleden and Toni E. Lerut)
  • Immunosuppression and Allograft Rejection Following Lung Transplantation: Evidence to Date (Gregory I. Snell, Glen P. Westall and Miranda A. Paraskeva)
  • Ethics in cardiothoracic surgery (Gregory I. Snell, Glen P. Westall and Miranda A. Paraskeva)
  •  A consensus document for the selection of lung transplant candidates: 2014 — An update from the Pulmonary Transplantation Council of the International Society for Heart and Lung TransplantationPreview the document 
  •  Effect of the lung allocation score on lung transplantation in the United StatesPreview the document (Thomas M. Egan and Leah B. Edwards)
  •  Lung Harvest/ techniques (Dirk Van Raemdonck and Ivan Bravio)
  •  Ex-vivo lung perfusion (Dirk Van Raemdonck, Arne Neyrinck, Marcelo Cypel and Shaf Keshavjee)
  •  Define the allocation strategy for lung transplantation at your center (Veatch RM and Ross LF.)
  • Further Reading

Lung Transplantation Module 1

3 CME Credits 

International overview of allocation strategies in lung transplantation (Are Martin Holm)
  • Principles and ethical dillemmas when defining an allocation strategy
  • Allocation strategies for lung transplantation in the USA
  • Allocation strategies for lung transplantation EuroTransplant Area
  • Allocation strategies for lung transplantation in the rest of the world
  • Define the allocation strategy for lung transplantation at your center & conclusions
Donor management and selection (Arne Neyrinck)
  • Physiological effects of brain death
  • Principles of donor management
  • Hemodynamic stabilization
  • Hormonal resuscitation
  • Targets and protocols in donor management
  • The future of donor management: preconditioning?
  • Summary and conclusions
Donor lung procurement and preservation (Dirk van Raemdonck)
  • Lung donors
  • Lung preservation
  • Lung procurement
Ex Vivo Perfusion (Arne Neyrick & Sofie Ordies)
  • Ex Vivo Perfusion
Surgical and anesthesia techniques (Arne Neyrick and Dirk Van Raemdonck)
  • Surgical and anesthesia techniques
Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction (CLAD) after lung transplantion (Robin Vos)
  • Introduction to CLAD
  • Risk factors of CLAD
  • Diagnosis of CLAD
  • Management of CLAD
  • Prevention of CLAD

Lung Transplantation Module 2

2 CME Credits 

Immunosuppressive treatment after lung transplantation (Geert Verleden)
  • Introduction into immunosuppressive treatment after lung transplantation
  • Background of immunosuppression after lung transplantation
  • Induction therapy - part 1
  • Induction therapy - part 2
  • CNI blockers - part 1
  • CNI blockers - part 2
  • Cell Cycle Inhibitors - part 1
  • Cell Cycle Inhibitors - part 2
  • Corticosteroids - intro
  • Corticosteroids in accute rejection
Chronic Rejection: AMR (Antoine Roux)
  • CLAD and DSA
  • AMR diagnosis: in general
  • AMR diagnosis: in detail
  • DSA - Donor Specific Antibody
  • AMR treatment
  • Casestudy 1
  • Casestudy 2 and conclustions
Lung transplant in patients with pulmonary hypertension (Massimiliano Palazzini)
  • Definition of pulmonary hypertension
  • Medical therapy for pulmonary artitial hypertension
  • Transplantation for pulmonary artitial hypertension
  • Conclusions