• ESOT Action Day 2022

    ESOT Action Day 2022

    As part of our 40th Anniversary, we are excited to present our European Think Tank on ‘Tackling Inequalities in Organ Transplantation – A Pathway Forward’!

    Featuring leading voices from around Europe, this Think Tank has been specifically designed to discuss and address inequalities in organ transplantation across Europe. During this session, we will be covering a variety of inequalities associated with access to treatment and HCP and patient education, with the goal of reaching a consensus on a set of recommendations and actions aimed at supporting existing EU initiatives to improve service delivery and sustainability. ESOT will then take these action points and work with its partners and networks to facilitate and drive change in existing inequalities.

    The event will feature presentations from policymakers and key opinion leaders from the field of organ transplantation:

    Perspectives from DG SANTE

    Béatrice Garrido-Marquez – Policy Officer for Substances of Human Origin (DG SANTE)

    The sex of donors and recipients in organ transplantation: an analysis by the European Committee on Organ Transplantation of the Council of Europe (CD-P-TO)

    Emanuele Cozzi – President of the European Committee on Organ Transplantation

    Equity of access to transplantation - An achievable goal?

    Gabriel Oniscu – ESOT President-elect

    Inequality in organ transplantation in Europe – The patient perspective

    Pisana Ferrari – Steering Committee Member for the ESOT Patients Initiative