Topic outline

  • VANGUARD workshop

    Ethics of early clinical trials in regenerative medicine in transplantation

    Bio-artificial organs and bio-engineered or bio-printed tissues for transplantation in humans are rapidly being developed. It is anticipated that some applications will be ready for clinical testing in the near future. How can first-in-human clinical trials be conducted in a safe and responsible manner? What are ethical points to consider for early clinical trials of regenerative medicine in transplantation? This workshop brings together experts in the fields of regenerative medicine and ethics to discuss these ethical challenges.

    About the programme
    • Showcases of regenerative medicine applications, Jonathan Kimmelman, McGill University
    • Regenerative medicine: From new insights to new applications – Insights from 3 projects funded through EU Horizon 2020
    • Panel discussion, moderated by Eline Bunnik & Emma Massey, Erasmus MC

    Panel members
    Jonathan Kimmelman, McGill University
    Antonia Cronin, King’s College London
    Ekaterine Berishvili, University of Geneva
    Anne-Floor de Kanter, Utrecht University
    Mariana Pacheco Blanco, Amires S.r.o.
    Manuel M. Mazo Vega, University of Navarra