• Introduction

    The 2nd ECTORS Meeting: Cell Therapy and Organ Regeneration in Transplantation - Virtual meeting, 16 April 2021

    2nd ECTORS meeting logo

    The ECTORS meeting is a forum for transplant professionals working on and interested in cellular therapies and organ reconditioning and repair. The meeting is an opportunity for researchers and clinicians to present and discuss the latest development in the fields of cellular therapies in organ transplantation, organ regeneration and generation of new organs from stem cells and biomaterials, and machine perfusion.

    Main topics of the 2nd ECTORS meeting:

    • Cell therapies
    • Organoids
    • iPSC-derived therapies
    • Extracellular vesicle
    • Ethics of regenerative medicine
    • Machine perfusion
    • Bio-artificial organs

    Learning objectives of the 2nd ECTORS meeting:

    • Learn about the latest developments on regenerative therapies for organs on machine perfusion, cellular therapies in organ transplantation and organoid research by invited speakers and abstract presenters
    • Live watch the cultivation of kidney organoids and visit an organ reconditioning laboratory