• Session 5

    Abstract presentations and conclusion

    Moderated by Sandra Lindstedt, Sweden and Christian Johnson, Germany

    • Kidney stem/progenitor cells as a potent source for kidney-targeted cell therapy – Fanny Arcolino, Belgium
    • Safety and tolerability of donor-derived mesenchymal stem cells in paediatric living-donor liver transplantation: The Mystep1 study - Steffen Hartleif, Germany
    • Immune cell profiling and assessment of inflammatory cytokine levels during normothermic machine perfusion of human liver allografts – Margot Fodor, Austria
    • Bile duct reconstruction using scaffold-free tubular constructs created by bio-3d printer – Takashi Hamada, Japan
    • Anti-fibrotic effects of membrane particles from mesenchymal stromal cells in a renal ischemia reperfusion injury mouse model – Ana Merino, Netherlands
    • Membrane particles from mesenchymal stromal cells reduce the expression of fibrotic markers on pulmonary cells - Ana Montes-Worboys, Spain
    • Closing remarks
    • Closing - Martin Hoogduijn, Netherlands