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    ESOT Transplant Live




    Interview with Eske Willerslev




    Stefan Schneeberger chatting with Edward Chong about the Stanford off-site session


    Interview with Luca Segantini




    Interview with Thomas Resch


    Live with Roche China




    Interview with Gabriel Oniscu


    Interview with Diethard Monbaliou




    How to present your abstract in the Elevator Pitch session


    ESOT 2019 congress chairs Allan Rasmussen and Finn Gustafsson reflect on their journey



    Interview with Ina Jochmans about organ perfusion


    Bike interview with ESOT president Stefan Schneeberger



    Patient meeting at ESOT 2019


    Meet John Piano from Transplant Connect at ESOT 2019



    Bike interview with David Paredes about the great ECMO challenge


    Interview with ESOT Leonardo Davinci Award 2019 Emily Thompson



    Interview with Menna Clathworthy


    Bike interview with John Forsythe and Alexandre Loupy



    Interview with ESOT president Vassilios Papalois


    Promo ESOT 2021 congress Milan



    Promo ESOT 2021 congress Milan